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Alternative Fuel Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Why Propane?
Have a fleet?

Read more about why propane is a great alternative to replace a portion of your diesel fuel in your fleet.

If you have a fleet of diesel trucks, tractors or pumps and are interested in how propane or natural gas can save you upwards of 20% of your fuel cost...

is now in full production!  Fuel savings and power like no other.

Agriculture Equipment, Heavy Duty Trucks, Stationary Generators, Water Pumps and much more!

With the high price of oil and a poor economy, the need for fuel savings and cost reduction has never been greater.  AltGas Technologies, LLC was created to provide solutions to these problems for the transportation and agricultural industries. Our products save money, reduce pollution, and extend engine life.   

AltGas has melded best technologies from around the world with top level American innovation to create the most advanced propane diesel injection system ever.  Fully proven, alternative fuel injection that reduces truck fleet fuel costs and significantly reduces our country’s dependency on foreign oil.  Innovation like no other.

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